Coffee Houses:

They make the world go round.

The tap tap


of falling beans

(or pieces falling into place?)

Milk frothing

Ideas forming

dreams and discourse animate/

the faces of the young and ready-

wired on caffeine and their dreams;

shots of straight phil-os-o-phy



into open minds

where things that weren’t now come to be.

-coffee houses-

to you or I

a blemish on the highstreet’s face;


like thick, sweet milk

a dilution of our time, this space.

but look beyond the vapid chatter,

the scrumpled wrappers

                                        and greasy plates;

here is a home for rumination,

epiphanies and small debates.

Thoughts flourish / Words fly /

Notions flicker, burst and die;

perception is reborn-

And the coffee flows on.


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