THIS WEEK’S SELECTION IS A BIT ECLECTIC (AND BY THAT i MEAN IT’S RATHER VERY QUITE-A-BIT-ALL-OVER-THE-PLACE). despite that, I’ve really enjoyed listening to all these songs this week in that kind of sensory, complete way only found when music really *fits* the atmosphere.



indieNow I have a habit. I collect songs like some kind of bizarre, symphonic magpie; I squirrel them away, and treasure them  like jewels. Sometimes I collect them for other people. This is one such song, a gift for someone else; Camp Adventure, by Delta Sleep.

arrowThe gentle ticking of an old film camera whirs into being, as gorgeously melodic strains of acoustic guitar flow into the silence- the song begins. Rough vocals wend there way through heartfelt lyrics, permeated by the kind of potently reminiscent sincerity that plagues the brain for days after listening. a short instrumental punctuates the song, mainly pervaded by the still ticking camera- the peace is soon punctuated by the second chorus, as lead singer Devin Yüceil is accompanied by the lilting tones of Natalie Evans in a beautiful, childlike echo of his melancholy words. Articulating what makes this song so special is difficult- I can only suggest you listen to it.

next up: MiKHael PASKALEV- Come On

Paskalev’s beautifully melodic yet-oh-so-moody lyricism threads over thrumming electric guitar, spinning the tale of what I can only imagine to paskalev’s attempt at reconciliation after a lovers’ tiff. The song’s lazy tones and instrumental accompaniments are beautifully arrayed, creating a rather pleasingly harmonious feel; Despite it’s at times oxymoronic lyrics (or perhaps because of them?), Come On is an immensely pleasing listening experience.

If you’d like more Mikhael Paskalev, I particularly recommend Woman, from his 2013 album What’s Life Without Losers.)

and now, a change of tone: The 1975- cHANGE OF HEART 

I like this song. It’s comical. It’s really rather representative of the British dating scene, and by extension, the dating scene of many young people- It speaks of a faded infatuation, devolving in to what can only be described as the dreadfully cold realisation that your aforementioned lover is, well, a bit of a twat. the song is beautifully simple- 3 notes and some lilting choral elements edge Matty Healy’s vocals, which are almost balladic in their nature. It’s amazing really, that someone can be so genuinely heartfelt whilst describing how “your eyes were full of regret/ and then you took a picture of  your salad / and put it on the Internet“.

(For more 1975, I highly recommend their 2016 album I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. )

next up:The Japanese House- Cool Blue

mellowCool Blue is one of those songs that lulls me in to a state of calm dangerously close to being asleep. Amber Bain’s vocals are gentle, caressing almost, coupled with a plinking base melody and the strong thrum of electric chords. Cool Blue rises and falls like a wave, perhaps rather aptly- Although I particularly like The Japanese House’s latest EP, Swim Against the arrowTide, this song will most likely remain one of my favourites.

next up: swell – I’M SORRY (FT. SHILOH)

Lyrically, this song is painfully simple, but sonically, it’s just enticing. Gentle percussive beats and a reverberatingly deep bass erupt from what appears to be a layered, yet simple melody, as additional instruments fade in and out to create something that is both soporific and enlivening- the best way I can find to describe it is the sensation of feeling a singular droplet of cold water from the shower head upon the skin, before switching the shower on and sinking, both physically and mentally, into the embrace of warm water.

(That’s not necessarily a helpful explanation, but hopefully it has at least convinced you to listen to it!)

next up: PHONY PPL- Why iii Love the Moon

This song is a beautiful cross genre mess of happiness. A hazy, bass filled backing creates an instantaneously mellow, relaxed atmosphere, whilst the gorgeously soulful tones of Elbee Thrie shine through in the most uplifting, heartwarming way imaginable. Elbee is seriously one to watch. The Brooklyn based Phony ppl are ones to watch; they seem to defy convention, skipping genres and creating pieces of magnificence, much like this.

(For more Phony ppl, check out their 2015 album, Yesterday’s Tomorrow.)


rapKhary is fast becoming one of my favourite new rappers. His latest release, the 2016 Mixtape Intern Aquarium provides a fantastic commentary on the life of the unpaid intern, strange as that may seem- The entire thing is fantastically tinged with bitterness and humour, particularly the spoken interludes (my personal favourite is French arrowToast. ). Internlude is the first track off this album, filled with the angst of an overworked, underappreciated employee-the backing track is simple and gentle, whilst Khary’s overlayed rapping is lyrically tricksy and interwoven with a continual, rather comical side commentary that *makes* the song. (Also Khary’s boss. I cannot stress this enough- listen to this mixtape, if only for Khary’s boss.)

next up: Chance the Rapper- Good ASS intro 

Now, I love Chance the Rapper. Words cannot physically describe how much I love Chance; it’s possible that I might have some kind of affliction regarding the subject. (Sometimes I wish I was Chicagoan, literally just so I could claim that we’re cousins.)

regardless, Chance makes me happy. Good Ass Intro is unapologetically rambunctious, filled with harmonious choral singing, lively piano, a trumpet and trombone pair (it sounds odd but believe me, it works.) and of course, Chance’s bouncing, witty lyricism- It unlocks the part of your soul that’s entirely comprised of happy, happy euphoria, allowing that good stuff to come tumbling out into your life. If you want to power through some work, and you also want to come out with an unintentional grin plastered all over your face, listen to this song.

for more Chance, check out his 2016 Album Colouring Book. (I listened to this entire album at least twice a day for three entire months after it’s initial release-If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is.)


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