this new segment is essentially a collation of my musical saviours for thE week.

iT SHOULD, IN THEORY, be coming at you every week,  until I eventually die or am completely and utterly devoured by the soul-sucking beast that is  the british education system*.

*(Not talking about you, potential Universities considering me as an applicant- You guys are great!).

 in any case,  all songs and artists are briefly described and roughly arranged by genre, which should hopefully give you a good indication or what will excite you musically. FIRSTLY- l8istern-to-this-childish

rapInfamous rapper and actor Donald Glover (aka. Childish Gambino) is releasing his third LP,  Awaken, My Love!, on December 2nd, and it’s safe to say that I am more than a little excited about it. The man is a living Legend Everything he produces is lyrically beautiful and rhythmically phenomenal; Everything he touches turns to physical, metaphorical and societal  gold. 
arrow I could wax on about Gambino forever, but instead I’ll focus on his newest release; Me and Your Mama. The composition sprawls across your  range of hearing like some kind of organic living beast, wavering between an almost soulful tone  and the cacophonic sound of choral singing and the physical rawness of Gambino’s passionate vocals. If the rest of the album is anything remotely like the caliber of this track, we have a lot to look forward to. 

(for more Gambino I recommend  Late Nights in Kauai, I. flight of the navigator , Retro (ROUGH), Backpackers and  Bonfire.)

NEXT UP: Watsky- The One.

Watsky has a knack for creating a worryingly accurate social commentary within his songs, which are also conveniently littered with a self depreciating humour that’s tear inducingly funny- I recommend any of his songs if you’re in need of either of these things, but I particularly recommend The One for its fantastically comical use of sound effects and ridiculous lyrics (see: ‘my dick is pretty lonely but my nuts still got each other‘).

For more, slightly less silly Watsky, check out his latest album,  x Infinity.

NEXT UP: Ady Suleiman- STATE OF MIND  

Mellow acoustic guitar, deep bass and a percussive drum beat  blend perfectly with Suleiman’s chilled vocals in order to create the perfect auditory existential crisis. (I highly recommend this track if you’d like to quietly reevaluate all of your spiritual beliefs.)

for more Ady Suleiman, i recommend you check out his 2016 EP.

Next up: Dae Zhen- Friday 

mellow The perfect blend of high quality rap lyricism, lazy tones and dreamy vocalisation, LA rapper Dae Zhen has created a beautifully mellow tune. (Listen to this if you want to take a  night off, or jam out on your own.)

arrowNEXT Up: Moi jE – Fais rien 

Continuing on our lazy theme, I’d like to introduce you to Moi Je’s Fais rien– it might be worth pointing out here that ‘je ne fais rien’ translates to ‘i do nothing’, which  definitely sets the tone for the song’s pacing and lyrics. Jarring notes and a twanging, slow-paced rhythm flow alongside possibly the most laid back vocals of all time, creating the kind of relaxed bliss that is probably only reached by cats basking in warm sunlight.

(If you like this, check out Glass Animals I recommend Season 2 Episode 3 for that slow and lazy vibe.)

next up: the deli- 5:32 pm

This is just a beautiful instrumental. That’s all I have to say about The Deli- He makes beautiful instrumentals. (check this out if you want to enter a little sphere of calm.)


Now this song has beautiful memories attached to it for me, which sort of suggests that I may think it’s a lot more beautiful than it actually is;  Luckily arrowhowever, Passenger’s old work is truly gorgeous. (Gentle acoustic guitar coupled  with the kind of lyricism that sends shivers down the spine is always a good mix.)

NEXT UP: Ellie Ford – Ten Times

 Ellie Ford is a relatively unknown musician, which is rather a shame- her vocals are hauntingly lilting, her lyrics are cutting yet beautiful, and the harp chords which structure her pieces are as beautiful as they are enthralling. (Ten Times is my personal favourite, however her latest Album The Other Sun is most definitely worth a listen.)

That’s it for this week! I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoyed reading it. hopefully you picked up some new artists.  If you’d like a more expansive selection of recommendations, please feel free to check out my spotify playlists.

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