WOW, my very first post in art & illustration. Took about bloody time! I hope you like these scribbles (All created within the space of the most boring English Lesson I have ever encountered). I’m messing around with styles at the moment, trying to A. remember what my style actually is and B. become fluid in my attempts to draw in it- Maybe expect some comics in the future? who knows.

Anyway, lets commence with FACES.


I hope you enjoyed this very short tour of my brain’s efforts in attempting to wrench any possible enjoyment of a lesson equivalent to sad, dry bread.

I know I really enjoyed doodling these suckers into reality (HA! You exist now!!) and working out their own back stories.

(I’m also quite amused by the fact my sleep deprived, poorly though out jpeg titles show up with the images; here, have a look in to my brain why don’t you!?)

Please give me a shout if you want to see more, request something or if you have your own little back stories for these guys!




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