Well lovely reader, this blog is supposedly a portfolio of writing and original work that I can use to sneak myself into a prestigious university before they realise I’m really not qualified to be there, and that they should probably send me home.

(side note; this confession will most probably be deleted before I begin applying to Uni’s. I mean, I’m an open person, but there’s got to be some limits. Alerting a potentially swindlable establishment to the fact you’re swindling them is definitely a step too far.)

Regardless, this blog is intended to act as a portfolio; in actuality, it’s more of a seething pot of my own ideas and half formed concepts, leached directly from my brain onto the page (or screen, as it were).

I have a lot of ideas. possibly too many; the closest metaphor I can find is that if  my mind was an abandoned storage unit, you’d probably just burn that mother to the ground rather than slogging through the massive organisational process needed inside. Firstly it’s easier, and a big bonfire means an excuse for hot pimms and marshmallows. (What’s not to love?)

Hopefully by making my ideas tangible, via this blog, I’ll be able to edit the mind mess into something a little more.. minimalistic, and maybe help some other people out- whether that’s through giving them a couple of laughs, a handy recipe or just a snapshot into the life of someone else. It’s like gogglebox; you watch and comment on me, as I’m watching and commenting on you. (don’t think about it too much, it gets meta.)

In addition to thoroughly spring cleaning “The Mind Palace” (please note- this is a Sherlock reference- I am not a narcissist), I have another key reason for starting this site that is possibly even more important to me (and hopefully more beneficial).

Like many millenials and young people throughout history, I came to a kind of realisation not long ago-  it’s all well and good having lots of ideas, but what are you actually achieving if you don’t do anything with them?

The short answer; you’re achieving  pretty much nothing. Nada. A big pile of literal and metaphorical nothingness. Now, for whatever reason, this doesn’t sit too well with me;

It almost feels like nothing is the socially acceptable thing to do as a teenager, but in all honesty it’s not what I want to do.

The people I admire the most from my age group are the people who create, regardless of whether other people will understand or appreciate what they’re doing. I feel like these people truly affect the biggest audiences, and create the most authentic content; whether they’re established creators and influencers like Nathan Zedd and Amandla Stenberg, or people who are just making stuff for the hell of it, just because they can,  like  Corin Middleton.

So how do you become one of these people? Unless you conveniently happened to be  born a Kardashian,  I’m guessing that you have to make, create and  contribute. So that’s what I intend to do.

So.. Prepare yourselves! If all goes to plan I will be uploading a massive amount of content covering all walks of life, ranging from original fiction to music journalism, to my own art/photography, to political and social commentary and academically grounded essays…

(And maybe some very unsubtlely sponsored posts. Yes, it goes against all my morals, but unfortunately, I can’t pay for Uni with morals- believe me, I’ve tried, and they only accepted cash dollar bills. And I have less than none of those.)

Regardless, If any of that sounds remotely interesting to you then please keep checking up and also share with your friends.

(for travel writing, please check out: !)




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